Governor’s Project

The Governor’s Project for the 2018-2019 CKI year is “Home Away From Home” which aims to renovate and develop basic and primary schools in need of such support. This project is based on the premise that school is like a second home to some students, a “home away from home” if you will, and as such, should be carefully and properly preserved.
This became a passion of mine while participating in the BUGS program hosted at Whitfield Primary by UCC Circle K – I fell in love! Circle K’ers providing assistance was not only a relief to the overworked teachers and principal but it also provided the students with an opportunity for change. The BUGS program placed me in a situation where I better understood and appreciated the importance a conducive learning environment has on students and teachers.

“Home Away From Home” will see at least three schools being renovated and a beneficial program being implemented within same.